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A bench buffer is an effective tool used for buffing or polishing metals to make them shiny in appearance. It is normally mounted on a bench top and rotates an abrasive wheel which then polishes the metals.

A bench buffer is useful in your home garage when you want give the metal parts like handle for your bicycle or motorbike a shiny makeover.

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In most mechanic shops that deal with metal, the bench buffer is useful when giving those metals a lustrous finish. The buffer wheel can be interchanged depending on the kind of polishing you desire on the metals.

Using a bench buffer is not rocket science; in fact it is an exciting DIY process when all precautions are put to note. A few tips can be considered on how to use the machine wand avoid unnecessary accidents.

The first thing you should know is how to mount up the machine before to switch the power button on. Make sure the bench buffer is firmly clamped on to the bench top to prevent it from shaking when working with it. A firm and steady bench grinder buffer also ensures an accurate polish on the metal pipes and parts. Also make sure there is a good gap between the buffer wheel and the machine, it prevents the wheels from wearing off quickly due to the friction between them and the machine. The gap is also adjusted occasionally as it increases when the buffing wheel wears off.

Once the wheel for the bench buffer is mounted, the machine is powered up to rotate the wheel. It is advised to give the machine time to gain momentum before you start buffing metals with it. A special compound is applied to the wheel while in revolution which functions as the metal polishing agent. When the wheel is at high speed the metals can now be moved into contact with the buffer wheel’s surface for a smooth polish.

Another tip to consider while polishing metals with the bench buffer is to always have a pot of water nearby to cool down the metals from the frictional heat. The idea is to give the metals a fabulous shine at the same preventing them from getting brittle from the excess heat. Some bench buffer come with a built in cooling point, if yours doesn’t have one never forget the pot water.

Besides having the bench buffer firmly clamped to the bench for safety, it is also crucial to wear protective gear for the buffing job. Never forget your hand gloves to prevent accidental burns when the machine gets too hot. Sometimes the polishing compound can spatter out of the wheel so protective goggle can’t be compromised. A protective apron when making your lustrous polishes is also a requirement in the job.

Ones a satisfactory polish has been achieved a special thinner is used to clean off the excess polish compound on the metals. Your once dull looking metal pieces will now have a perfect shine thanks to the bench buffer.


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