Bench Grinder Options Available

A bench grinder is one amongst many bench top machines that is used to sharpen, shape and polish metals by driving an abrasive wheel known as a grinding wheel. The bench grinder if well taken care of can be quite handy both at home and in a mechanic workshop.

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At home bench grinders have the best sharpening power and are prominent when it comes to sharpening the blades of your lawn mower or your Gardening tools. In the workshops bench grinders are mostly used to sharpen, shape and polish metals. Just like most bench top equipment, operating the bench grinder is quite easy if all the careful procedures and safety tips are put in mind.

Before you turn on the machine for a sharpening job, you might want to check if the grinder is firmly anchored to the bench and the grinding wheel screws are screwed tightly. A bench grinder tends to shake a lot when in operation and you wouldn’t want to risk it falling over or the wheel flying right to your face.

When the bench grinder is stationery the wheel to be used is also carefully selected depending on the king of job at hand. For general sharpening of tools the 120 grit wheel is the best option to use but for general grinding of metal or other material the 80 grit wheel is the best. These wheels vary in sizes too; they can range from a 6 inch all the way to a 12 inch wheel. The wheel selection depends on the user’s preferences and the purpose it is going to be used for.

A special kind of bench grinder is the wire wheel bench grinder. This kind of grinder has the specific function of cleaning and semi polishing materials and metal. A wire wheel grinder can solely give an amazing shine to a dull looking metal or give thoroughly remove contaminants off the surface of metals like aluminum, mild and stainless steel. Just like the sharpening wheels the wire wheel also come in different sizes. Selecting a suitable wire wheel will depend on the size of your bench grinder. A quick tip on safety, you will need to wear protective glasses when operating the wire wheel because wire pieces occasionally fly from the wheel when in operation.

Tool maintenance is always a number one priority if you want them to last longer and continue functioning efficiently. A few tips can be given on how to maintain your bench grinder. When you finish using the machine always spray them off with air to remove the hanging wire particles or metal dust. An air hose can do this job tremendously.

If the wheel goes down after several uses of the bench grinder it is advisable to change the wheel to prevent the worn out wheel from damaging the machine. For the wire wheel, it should be immediately changed if the wheel goes down about one to one half inches. The buffer wheel also needs changing whenever it gets too low to prevent machine damage.

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